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373 Main St. Easthampton, MA 01027

Boulanger’s Plumbing & Heating was started by Raymond Boulanger in 1946 in a small storefront on “Shop Row” in Easthampton MA. Next door to the plumbing shop was a restaurant which was owned by Raymond’s brother in law, Mickey. Boulanger’s was officially incorporated in 1958 with 8 employees (mostly Boulanger brothers). At that time the company performed mostly residential work and service calls.

In 1958 Raymond Boulanger took on a partner by the name of David C Teece. Together, they both expanded the business to include commercial type installation services. Meanwhile, Mickey’s Restaurant was employing a short order cook by the name of Paul J Duda (our current owner). Both Raymond and David saw potential in Mr. Duda and quickly hired him to dig plumbing ditches instead of flipping burgers.

In 1971 Boulanger’s relocated to a larger facility on Main Street in Easthampton and has been there ever since.

In 1976 Raymond retired from Boulanger’s leaving David and Paul to take over the business as partners. David Teece retired in 1988 and Paul Duda took over complete ownership of the company.

Currently, Boulanger’s Plumbing and Heating Inc. has over 40 employees and covers a wide arrange of plumbing, heating, and air conditioning contracting. We are equipped to handle anything from the smaller plumbing or HVAC service call to large commercial projects.

In 2006 we upgraded our Sheetmetal fabrication shop and relocated to West Springfield to an automated facility. Our new shop is geared toward the commercial type production that is needed in today’s market.

Our base of operations continues to be on Main Street in Easthampton where we service Western and central Massachusetts and Plumbing in Northern Connecticut.

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